In most cases, translating a language is according to its meaning not sound, but a name is generally translated following phonetics. As Chinese words often contain same sound but different meanings and the translator may not pronounce the same way, thus it often happens that same name is translated into different Chinese words. For example, “Obama” has been translated as “奥巴马“ in the newpaper of mailand  of China,  but as “欧巴马” in other newpaper. Some times translation just follows the habitual way of history, such as Rome was translated as 罗马(Roma in sound).


Herman is male’s name and means military man or man. There is a traditional translation in Chinese: 赫尔(traditional form).


means” awe-inspiring”, implies” you”, and indicates “handsome”. 赫尔 () in Chinese are all with fine meanings.So it is a good translation.


Name translation should be considered both good meaning and similar sound. but sometimes it is not a easy job to have both.