Our Mission

Our program is designed to help in this crucial task by tapping into the special relationship between mothers and their young children, to aid in learning the second most influential world-language, Mandarin. In addition children who learn Mandarin will have the advantage of being able to take part in what has been called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as China is and will continue to be among the most advanced countries in two of its essential movements: AI (Artificial Intelligence) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  


And yet, we have found, the traditional ways of teaching Chinese, such as word-card reading and copying, are no longer able to stimulate children’s interest. That is why, in our program, mothers or caregivers work with children, before the age of two, using Chinese stroke toys(named as JJcubes)consist of five soft-cloth, six-sided cubes, on each of which is printed one Chinese stroke. 


After the age of two, children are introduced to 3D printing, wooden and magnetic stroke toys, and picture books. Various fresh, age-appropriate approaches to learning are presented, including drawing, creating, observing, playing, and the use of home- and team-work. Our playful method adheres to the sense theory of language education, including sound (hearing), grasping and finger-moving (touch) and sight (vision).