Jennifer Yu graduated from the SHANGHAI FOREIGN LANGUAGE INSTITUTE, where she majored in English Literature.  She has been an ESL teacher for over four decades, teaching in China and teaching Chinese at the PEKING LANGUAGE SCHOOL in New York City. She dedicates her time now to promoting culture via Chinese language learning and writing Chinese e-books for children and adults.

Her major publications are

in 1986 " How to Present a  Lecture in China" published by IEEE in USA;

In 1989 " Technical Writing and Presentation" published by General Science Publisher, Beijing China;

In 2006 " JJ Easy English" published by Redbound Studio in USA;

In 2007 " Sam Easy English" published by Chinese TV Education Publisher in Beijing, China;

In 2010 " Practical English for Chinese Restaurant"  published by Huawen Publishing USA.INC. in New York;

In 2014" KK Phonetics " published by Taiwan National Publisher.

In 2014" A key to U.S. Citizenship Test" published in U.S.A

In 2020" J.J. Easy Chinese-Six Basic Chinese Strokes" K.D.P. Self Publishing in the U.S.A.

In 2021" J.J. Easy Chinese- Developed Chinese Strokes A" K.D.P. Self Publishing in the U.S.A.