To Mommies or Caregivers


Goals: The series of books aimed at training younger learners to develop their brains and grow up healthily with moving fingers. Six strokes are elemental strokes based on which add a hook, or a bend or a turn and expand to 30 strokes, which build a total of about 10,000 Chinese characters in Xinhua Dictionary. Don’t be scared; generally, 3500 -5000 words are enough for reading and writing__ that for adults, not for young children. 


 Methods: Moms (caregivers or teachers) hold the child’s one of the fingers(or more fingers) moving along the stroke-shape of the book (or on different materials, such as on the wood, cloth, beach, etc.,) which follow the fact that touch is the first sense developed in the womb and fully grow after six months. Don’t boss children to memorize any words; they automatically remember a certain amount of words(400-1000) via all the activities, Don’t urge the young learner to copy words and recited text repeatedly, as it will quickly dampen the enthusiasm of the child to learn.


Theoretical Basis:Researches of modern brain science and Chinese Meridian Theory have shown that human fingers and the brain are closely linked. Fingers account for the most significant proportion of the sensory and motor functions of the cerebral cortex. Frequent movement of the fingers boosts the brain to improve memory and thinking ability. Reasonable exercise of the left and right fingers can fully mobilize the coordination of the left and right brains, develop weak brains, boost the communication between the left and right hemispheres, enhance brain concentration, and trigger brain vitality and potential. Children using their fingers to stimulate the brain can increase the brain's energy far more than rote memorization, which is of great significance to developing children's intelligence and health.


Modern Brain Science

The Right hand

The right thumb affects human communication, management, impulse control, judgment, decision-making, etc.

The right index finger influences a human's logical reasoning, language expression, etc.

The right middle finger stimulates a human's spatial imagination, etc. 

The right ring finger impacts a human's hearing discrimination, memory, etc.

The right little finger affects visual observation, understanding, etc.


The left hand

The Left thumb inspires a human's creation, leadership, staying focus, etc.

The left index finger affects thinking, spatial imagination, etc.

The left middle finger affects a human's feeling, craft shows, etc.

The left ring finger impacts a human's auditory perception, language, comprehension, etc.

The left little finger improves a human's motivates visual recognition, image appreciation, etc.


Chinese MeridianTheory

The thumb reflects the Hand Taiyin lung meridian, which illustrates the lungs and spleen health information. 

The index finger reflects the Hand Yangming meridian, which indicates the large intestine and stomach health information.

The middle finger reflects the Hand Jueyin pericardium meridian, which expresses the heart and liver health information.

The ring finger reflects the Hand Shaoyang Meridian, which expresses the bladder, gall bladder health information. 

The little finger reflects the Hand Shaoyin Heart Meridian, which implies the heart, the small intestine, and kidney health information.